May 24, 2013

A little bit of Motivation goes a long way ♥

Hey fit freaks!

Here are my top 5 'fit' pages that I follow on Instagram, they keep me going, keep me motivated and help me STAY dedicated.



⋆ @daily_motivators

⋆ @7slimmingsecrets

⋆ @eflowers

All of these incredible people/pages post pictures, quotes and more motivational people and pages to follow. They are really helpful for me, I always check my Instagram in the morning when I wake up. 
These pages are ALWAYS posting at that time.

So it's great, when it's cold and raining and horrible, I see these pictures of people training and being fit and think to myself ...


SO go ahead and follow them (and me while your at it :) @loco_liilii_xx) today if you're like me and struggle to get up on these cold, dark, miserable, mornings :)

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