May 9, 2012

How To Ombre ♥

Yesterday I had my first real day to myself at home and decided it was time for a change...
Yes you guessed it!!!!!!!


So I watched a few videos on youtube, one - the most helpful - being Shaanxo!
She is amazing and has a blog, blog and youtube channel!

This was the video I watched ....

So I basically followed the same steps with a couple extra from another video I watched. 
Here are some photos of what I did. It's SUPER easy and fast and ANYONE can do this! Be careful, wear gloves and give it a go!

Nordic Blonde- LIGHTENER! to lighten the colour already on my hair.

All the extra products to keep my hair healthy and shiny.
Morrocan hair oil, shampoo, conditioner  and hair mask.

Hair mask - we all know blonde leaves your hair rough and dry, this fixes ALL those problems!

BEFORE: Full head choc brown hair.

Covered the ends with die about 2 inches ( I have LONG hair).
Covered with tinfoil and left for 15 mins - ALWAYS checking the colour :)

Rinsed out after 15 mins and applied again, this time another 2 inches higher also.
Wrapped up in tinfoil and left for 10 mins to produce a fading effect.

Rinsed and washed with all morrocan products. Dried, curled ends and ....


This is a lot of fun and super easy!   Give it ago and send me some pictures.

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