May 13, 2012

Elle's Birthday ♥ Free Jumper ♥ FUN!

Last night Elle (Everyone remembers Elle??)had a little birthday party for her 22nd years of being on this beautiful Earth!

I met her at Town Hall and we went on from there to her place which is a few train stops away in Petersham! 

It wouldn't be a true night out in Sydney without a few mishaps along the way...
   So a car broke down, a man was playin up at the train station, keys got locked in and we got locked out- poor Kaz' balls got squished- AND Sooooo on! 

A lot of fun was had, heaps on laughs and of course some pictures were taken :)

This is Wystan ;)

This was my "Free" Jumper ;) 

Lili X

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