May 3, 2013

Healthy Living!

Hey ladies of leisure!

It's time to get off you behinds, put down the remote, give the dog your Tim tam, get out of those ridiculous pjs and get up!

I've been to the gym now, 5 days a week, for 5 weeks {do you think Kim Kardashian got her ass by going once a week} I felt in the uncomfortable phase where I was just not feeling happy about the way I was. I now go to Anytime Fitness in Lane Cove and ...

I love it!

It's great! You can really go anytime and its doesn't matter whether it be midnight or 4am, literally, ANYTIME fitness!

However the hardest part of becoming the person and size I wanted to be, was the food!
Or lack there of .
Now you most likely don't know me well enough to agree with me yet but please trust me! If your pushing the pavement 20, 30 times a weeks it won't matter if your also pushing those cheezles down your throat.

Less in, more out.

I'm excited to tell you, I've been for 5 weeks and have lost 6 kilos!! :) when I first spoke to the trainer who signed me up, he says "how much do you want to lose" at first I thought, oh 10 will be hard enough and will probably take forever so that's enough.


I've over half way there and I've totally changed to wanting to lose 20!!

The motivation is out there. Get out and join up! Get it under control before you lose yourself 💗

Love Lili x

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