May 4, 2013

Cheat days!

The curse of the evil cheat day!

For the past couple of days my mind has been racing, raging and messing with me: One of the first signs of a Cheat day going well.

I don't know if it happens with you, but with me it definitely happens, where I think these horrible, measly, but ever so sneaky 3 things;

1. "Oh 1 chocolate won't hurt"
2. "It's the perfect day for an ice cream"
3. "Macdolands is ok If I get the fillet o fish burger"

Well!! These are the things that kill me most! {Yeah yeah I see these photos of Kim kardashian eating an ice cream} Everything in moderation, I get that. But for me, it's that one little thing that starts the big, bad things.

-Before you know it, I won't be going to the gym and I would've gained 10 kilos! Not 6, but 10!

How do you make a cheat day work?

🎀Stay strong!
🎀Stay motivated!
🎀And keep moving! {or something my boyfriend will appreciate} HARD WORK AND DEDICATION!

So weigh in day for me is a Thursday {yes random, why not a Monday, I know} will my cheat day ruin me or will I be happy with the result???

Find out on Thursday :)
Liilii xx

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