February 26, 2012

A wee bit of a personal update...

Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary at Glassons! 

I can't believe it! I remember my first day working, who I worked with and all the smells and feelings of nerves I had that day. It's strange to now realise that I've been there for 4 years! 
I've worked with so many amazing girls, it's a family environment. You have fights, you have drama, but most of all out of it you get true friends. I have made real friends and sisters working here and although you ofcourse with out a doubt have bad times, you have a million X more fabulous times!
All of the close friends I've made here in Rotorua have been in or through Glassons!

Lily, an awesome friend I met when her and her friend came back a yea ago now from the Christchurch earthquakes. I remember the day she came in, we had the radio on, playing the news from the quakes. She came in with her beautiful friend Cat and since that day we've been great friends.

Katrina, she is my big Sis and I've known her since the first day 4 years ago that I started!

Jonsy and Elle - you've met before - I met both through Glassons and look what amazing relationships I've made with them.

I've worked in Auckland Glassons and made friends there. All lovely, all sexy and all unforgetable. 

I wouldn't have had the last 4 years any other way and I wouldn't have enkoyed it as much as I have so far if I hadn't worked for Glassons. Incredibly grateful for all that has come from it, promotions, relationships, moves, it's all been a blast in a glass :)


Lili x

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