February 29, 2012

Introducing my favourite perfect little button...

This is Stella Rosa Aroha Win!

My perfect little button sister from another mister!... Stella is super cute and is at a fun age now where she'll argue back with the funniest come backs. Yesterday I called her a diddle and she said...

"Your a bigger diddle... Your the biggest diddle... Your bigger then the biggest diddle!!!" 
Honestly when they say kids say the darnest things, they mean it! When she was younger she use to have a speech impediment, but now you wouldn't have a clue. She is so smart and does maths and reading above her level! We have always been close because I'm so much older then her, it's more like I'm her second mother... That she gets away with a lot more with :)

I love her to absolute pieces and she means the WORLD to me! Family in general mean a lot to me, but this kid is something special. She owns a special part of my heart and I'll miss her like CRAZY when I'm gone. - Mainly I'll have no-one to boss around ;)

However I know she'll be fine without me, and thanks to sykpe, we'll be in touch ALL the time!
I love you to the moon and back again infinity times babe,

Love Lili X

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