February 26, 2012

Newest Movies...

Last night intesad of going out and getting trollied, I watched some movies. 

Three movies I picked from the store, each had Emma Stone in them. I had no idea, tilI watched the third movie this morning. Two were comedies and one was a drama. Emma Stone did a great job in all the movies, she is soooo cute! She plays each of her roles well, wether it's serious or humorous.
Starting a little crush for her I think :)

"The Help"
"Friends with Benefits"
and "Crazy, Stupid, Love"

The Help, loved this movie. So true, so many real stories based in the 1960's about black maids. HIGHLY suggest watching this movie with a box of tissues. "If you can love your enemy, you already have victory"

Friends with Benefits, so funny and one of the most honest movies. Really enjoyed this comedy, had Mila Kunis (another fav HOT babe) starred with Justin Timberlake. I was surprised, I'm not a huge fan of moves with pop stars, but he actually wasn't too bad. And bonus... He had quite a nice butt :) "Welcome to New York! Go and fuck a dick!"

Crazy, Stupid, Love, now this movie on the other hand I was slightly dissapointed with. Don't get me wrong, Ryan Gosling. Insanely sexy! But the movie, mainly the plot let me down a little. Love Steve Carell (and still hilarious!), but a bit of a pointless pick for him.  "The bags under your eyes looks like Hugh Hefner's ball sack."

Never the less, get each movie out and see for yourself. YOU might love or hate all 3!

Beautiful day out in Rotorua, finally! And lucky me has a day off.
Have a fabooo weekend everyone :)

Lili X

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