February 21, 2012

Baby Brother Harry

Meeting Baby Brother Harry! 

Had a skype call with Dad last night and I finally met my little baby brother Harry! 
He is absolutely gorgeous!
You forget how little babies are when they're born, he is super tiny and has really fair hair. It's always exciting seeing how babies in our wee family look like, Dad is adopted so as Forrest Gump would say 
"You never know what your gonna get"
I am dying to see Harry in person and give him a huge snuggle! - Baby smell.. The BEST!

Also got the approval from Joseph (5y/o brother) to come and stay :) 

Family has and always will be the most important thing in my life, to me. Three of my tattoos are for members of my family and I'm REALLY excited to move over to SYD and have a chance to live with my Dad, Anna and 3 siblings.

Joseph I've seen more when he was little but Millie I've only really seen once, and Harry I haven't even met yet! It's really important to me to be in their lives so a bonus babysitter for them will come in handy :)

♥ Big Blister Lili X

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