June 16, 2012

New Ombre - Update ♡

It's been a month!

One whole month has past since I arrived to Sydney, Australia. 

I've found and kept a brand new job and made a couple friends. I've spent a lot of time with my family, Dad, Anna and the kids and have had a great time.

Last week I re-dyed my ombre hair to make the end blonder and healthier.

You'll see in my June Haul- posted in a couple weeks time, I got a toning blonde shampoo. I'm thinking this has helped, but at the same time I've only used it 3 times :)

At work we have a "Playtime" once a month, the past wek we had a 'Mad Hatters Tea Party'. I made THE COOLEST hat and the kids loved it... even if the kids that did turn up were all my relations ;)

Dad asked me last week,

"Is there anything you thought you'd be doing or anything in your first month that you haven't?"

My reply...


I came here with no expectations and I've so far lived a happy Sydney life.
I've had the pleasure or seeing my best girl, Elle. And I've still kept in touch with my other best girl, Jonsy. My mum and my sisters.

Life is good, life is great. I am still breathing and I love that!

Lili x

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