June 25, 2012

Top 8 Things I'm Missing About Home ♡

1. Mum - Living away from my beautiful mother has, by far, been one of the hardest things I've had to come to get use too. I miss her face, playing with her/tackling her and throwing her around!

2. Stella Rose! - I miss EVERYTHING about this cute little munchkin!

3. My Jonsy! - I miss her hilariousness and stupidity, her raging self and partying ways.

4. Jordan/Boo Boo/Missy Moo! - And her Mama! The smile this little angel has, has lightened my life since she popped into this world. This I miss the most on Sundays :(

5. Triple 1 Five Restaurant - And their Creamy Chicken and Cranberry Linguini! Mmmmmm

6. LOL yes believe it or not ----  Eke Taone! The City ride - There is no way I could get my wee self to the city and back again for $3 a day here!

7. The Redwoods - There aren't exactly easy, beautiful places to stroll across the road to in Sydney. 

8. My Nail Polish' - These were donated to the lovely Jonsy and have been used and looked after. I'm making a new collection, but haven't really been making any cool patterns :)

I miss a lot of things about home, and infact had originally had thought about doing a 'Top 10' list. Then thought, there aren't actually 10 things I miss at all about home....
And infact all in all I'm having a great time in Sydney!

Love home, leave home :)

Lili x

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