June 3, 2012

Wishlist for June ♡


Well as this month has begun so have a lot of other firsts....

One being.... 

My first pay day!!!

So I was so excited and making a board on Pinterest anyway that I decided to do a "Wishlist" for June on all the things I really really WANT! - At the risk of sounding both vain and looney :)

First things first...

☥ Makeup ☥

and (so far)...
Last but not least.....

☥ iPhone ☥

I REALLY want an iPhone and I really want it this month!!! :D
So we'll just have to wait and see..

Adore this iPhone cover, think it's SUPER cute!

I am SO excited to get my first pay from my new job in Sydney, so at the end of the month we shall see what I did and didn't get - and any extras of course!

I've officially been in Australia for a whole month and 5 days, it has gone so fast and I am really starting to enjoy everything about it :) My room is getting slight renos and I'll hopefully be back in there in a few days ... or weeks depending. 

We watched my little bro, Joseph play soccer yesterday and it was just the cutest! He is super fast and got at least maybe 13 goals! Back home, Stella, my little big sister. Had her 9th birthday party and only the second birthday of hers that I've missed. I miss her a lot! More and more everyday.... I know she misses me too but I will see her soon ;)

Who is the extra special someone in your family that you miss just that tiny bit more when your/they're gone??

Lili x

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