May 28, 2012

New Craze! ♡ Pinterest ♡

My new latest online craze....

It's a great way to have a vision board online.
First you create your choice of which boards you would like for example, this is my "Makeup Wishlist" board of all the make up I'm DYING to get when I get paid :D

You can choose whatever boards you want, name them and add pins to them :)

There are options to upload your own pins or there is a bookmark you can add to select which pictures you want on any one of  your own boards...


It's a lot of fun and becomes really addictive!

Here are my boards...

I should probably mention it's been around since 2010 and there is an iPod app for it also...
I've had my account open since last year... but really getting into it now :)

Have a great day... and happy pinning :)

Lili x

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