May 11, 2012

Thank you ♥

Thank you  for the health that is keeping me alive!

Are you truly grateful for everything in your big exciting lives?
Are you prepared to do something scary?
Are you whiling to improve your happiness and well being?

Thank you  for all the money  I have received in my life!
Being thankful and grateful is a huge part of creating better things, experiences and relationships in your lives!
I’m sitting here listening to Shrunken Heads- Wolfgang Gartner, thinking over and over of all the great experiences I am truly grateful for.

Every bad experience I’ve had has brought something positive into my life, whether it that I’m currently unemployed - I am GRATEFUL for all this I’ve had with my family. 

Give it a go, be grateful for everything. The sun for making you warm, your lungs for keeping you alive and BREATHING, your brain and knowledge for earning an AMAZING payrise... Or even your gym and muscles for making you a HUGE HULK!

Lili X

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