May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me ♥

22 years of age!!

Wow, my oh my, how time does fly!

A year ago now I'd be planning my 21st for the upcoming weekend and having dramas, tears and a whirlwind of emotions running through my mind :)

And now a year has past and I'm living in Sydney WITH my Dad and having a great time doing so.
Life has definitely been a daring adventure for me and I don't regret a single part of it.

My birthday was just a week ago and I had a relaxing day at home in the sun.
  The night was my first day at work and I did enjoy it funnily enough! :D

Got a tan, ate some cake and earned some money... what part of that, is there not to be grateful for???

Missing mum a little more each day... but who doesn't right? especially when it's their birthday???...

Is this normal? 

Lili x

1 comment:

  1. Nom nom nom cakeee!! Sydney birthday:) xx


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