May 7, 2012

Manly ♥ Weekend ♥ Family

The family and I spent the weekend together doing a huge bunch of exciting things, games and experiences in Sydney! We went to Manly to the beach. Had an amazing time in the water, the sun was beaming and the water was divine! We had a fabulous time and got VERY wet!

  We all retreated to Soccer on Sat where my gorgeous brother Jospeh scored 2 goals! He's 5 and only has a small team but they play so well and they try there absolute hardest!
Maccas for dins on Sat night...Yums. - I've been so good the past week, haven't had any bad food! Well and truly deserved maccas! 
Babysat the kids on Sat night, was easy as pie! They're so cute. 
" Your a good big sister. You make yummy dinners, you buy me pyjamas and you make good cupcakes!" - Joseph Condell
Sunday we had a lovely visit from Pia (Aunty), Craig ( Uncle) and Hugo (cousin). Hugo is only 15 months old and the cutest little munchkin!

I've been missing my family a little bit, but I talk to mum everyday!
  Have an interview on Wednesday, so lots of research on the company and will let everyone know how it goes :D

Just Millie (Emilia Condell,  little sister, 3 in July) and I at home today. We'll be painting and doing all things fun.

Elle's birthday this weekend, can't wait! Lots of fun, drinks and new memories!

Have a great day!
Lili x

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