February 20, 2012

Few favs 'n Life ♥

One of my favourtie things in the entire world to do... Get tattoos!

I know it's one of the weirdest, fun, things to LOVE to do but it just so happens to be mine - Depending on how intense that pain is ofcourse.

I have 6 tattoos at this present time on my body. Most of them are hidden and ALL have a meaning.
The one thing that constantly gets on my wee nerves is people who judge anothers' tattoo...
We all get tattoos for ourselves, wether they're quotes, stars, hearts whatever we get them for our own reasons and we shouldn't have to justify them to anybody. As long as they are what we want and are done well then there's really no matter what anyone else should think.

Before I head off to SYD I'll hopefully get my next tattoo....

"Le Stelle Per Nueno"
"I move the stars for no-one" in Italian. This one if for my Dad from a movie called the Labrynth.

Here are the pics of all my tattoos... Hope you like them... But lets be honest, I don't give a F@#$ if you don't :)

Lili x



  Fifth & Sixth

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