July 1, 2012

June Haul! ♡

Well well well...

Welcome to my first Haul!

Over the past month, June. I have made quite a collection of exciting goodies to add to my mess of a room.

First things first... CLOTHES!
I've brought a few things for my new IKEA wardrobe. 
This dress was ... $20 I believe from Target! I know Target?! They have the MOST affordable items that are still gorgeous! :)

A shirt. $20 from a little place in Chatswood. Really CUTE! Comfortable and I wore it out last night :) 
Another Target item. This one was only $12! Really comfortable and flattering with a body con skirt and tons of jewellery. LOVING bright colours!

Second on the agenda... Makeup!

One of the best creations this country has made is... Priceline pharmacy.
They have everything you need, for make up and hair especially. I am REALLY pleased with everything I've purchased from there and I think you'll find me there most days off :)

What's your favourite drug store?

These are all amazing products for  great prices!

  • Dry Shampoo by Batiste
  • Match Perfection Foundation by Rimmel & Foundation brush
  • Prestige Eyebrow Gel and Pencil
  • Olay Moisterizer
  • One by One Mascara by Maybelline
  • Liquid Eyeliner by LA Girl
  • Jonshons Face/Makeup remover wipes
  • Garnier De-oderant
  • Sally Hansens Xtreme Hard red nail polish, Hardening gel polish and Gel strips!

All these products are and have been amazing for me. The foundation is the first liquid foundation I've used for about 2 years (I have recently been using a cake with a wet sponge) and in saying that it is taking me a while to get to the swing of things but I am :)

Lastly.... Accessories!

I did purchase some hosiery from another supplier and realised what a HUGE mistake it was to buy something you don't know. They laddered and ripped as SOON as I pulled them over my foot.

Quote of the day ...

Stick to what you know when it comes to those lusciously long legs!

So back to Glassons I went and got 2 for $9.99 - plain black with feet TALL and AVE. I am only 5'2 but the Tall ones are REALLY super comfortable and great for the extra cold winter mornings.  :) (the others I bought were $12.99 EACH! footless)

The bag I got from Target :) - I'd seen these in another shop in Town Hall and they were over $30... This one was... $15! Redic - I KNOW! Love it!!

Hairbands and clips came with a set of earrings - not pictured.. sorry :( - for $10 from Lavisa.

So that was my amaze haul for you all.  I hope you liked it, let me know what you did and didn't like and whether or not you've had issues with these products and I'll post another in July!!! :D PLUS Melbs for me in August so there'll be a HUGE haul then.

Happy dreams lovelies...

Lili x

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