October 12, 2012

Big Sisterville.. ♥

Let me tell you one of the greatest gifts I've been given..

When I was little all I can remember asking my Mum, Dad & Santa for christmas, was a brother or a sister. Then the joke went on about it being a funny looking child if Santa gave me a sibling... blah blah blah ... so funny mum. Ofcourse I wanted what any child wanted, a bike, a phone, etc. As I grew older, it got boring to play by myself and all I wanted and wished and dreamed for was a sister or a brother.

Now I have FOUR!
For the past 9 years of my life I've become a big sister to four of the most beautiful children you have ever come to meet.
 Each and every one of them are amazing in their own ways. 

Stella: She's 9 and comes from my mum and her ex husband.
She was the first of the four and I quickly grew to become her second mother. She lives in NZ with mum and I miss her EVERY SINGLE DAY!

Joseph: He's 6 in 2 weeks and the second one to come in the line. He is super precious and is sometimes very sensitive but gorgeous and loving all the same.

Millie: She's next, and she's 3. This little "destructor" is hilarious! With a big "little Miss" attitude already she'll have you in hysterics  when you're down. 

Then lastly... 
And quite gratefully last;

Harry: He is almost 9 months! He has a beautiful smile and as soon as you see it, your whole life will change. He has the power to make anyone happy, by just flashing those two little pearly whites. 

Being a big sister has been the best part of my life! I've had to change some WHOPPER nappies, carry some teary eyed babies, and be the bad cop but with that comes all of the great! The laughs, the smiles, the dances, everything! I have never been more proud to be anything more, then a big sister. 
I love them all more then life itself and I hope I show it enough :)

They couldn't be more perfect...

Do any of you have younger siblings that you love like MAD?!

Happy dreamin'

L x

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