March 14, 2012

Chocomania ♥

A wee bit of a product post for everyone today!

Today I went to "The Body Shop" where a lovely friend of mine works and she gave me a sample of the chocomania hand cream. It is TO DIE FOR!

It reminds me of a little place we use to live in Collingwood. Our wee family use to take all our visitors to this little chocolate shop, Rosy Glow Chocolates,  where a lady use to make her own chocolates and this smells EXACTLY like them!

The scrub is so nice, you're left feeling smooth and delicious!
I'd highly recommend this product to everyone.
I'm even told it's great to fix a chocolate craving! If your feeling like something sweet and yummy (but bad for you) this stuff, just the smell of it, is supposed to fix all your cravings :)

If your anything like me, you LOVE sweets, candy and chocolate! Then this is TRULY for you! (As cliche as that sounds)

Go to your nearest "Body Shop" and get a sample!

Have a Fabooo night,

Lili x


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