March 16, 2012

Have you fallen in-love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in-love with? ❤

unrequited |ˌənriˈkwītid|
adjective(of a feelingesp. lovenot returned or rewarded
Have you ever fallen in-love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in-love with?
OH how I know I have. I have this feeling that we fall in-love, in-lust and in-unrequited love because we know we shouldn't and we know it's the "wrong" thing to do. Yet we still do it, and we still have those days where people judge you, your family switches off and everything is just a little bit harder.
But we still do it.
No-one understands why, heck I don't even know why and I do it! I've heard that women end up marrying and spending their lives with guys that are like their fathers. I think we fall for the wrong people because we tell ourselves, oh he's it! He's right! And we block everything out, what they do and what they say, to make ourselves think..."Wow he is the right one! He's my prince charming!"
My Stepdad has come back tonight from Perth for his first week off working over there, the love and support he shows my mother brings a tear to my eye. He treats her like a queen and shows her his love for her every minute, wether with a touch, a kiss or a small comment. You can actually see they're in-love! 
If you're like me and fall in-unrequited-love ALL of the time.. Hang in there :)We'll find our knight in shining armors', they'll all be different and they'll all cater to our needs :)
Lili X

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  1. CUTE!! I love you,its a true love ours:)
    &&& FACE!! (me and kazy pic) lol


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