March 9, 2012

I am imperfect.

I clean my room - about once a month
I never make my bed, it's comfier for me
I have freckles on my face
I get puffy eyes when I'm tired
I have calcium spots on my teeth
My nails always break and split
I cry when I'm upset, mad &/or sad
I am forever in-unrequited-love
My  voice is super squeaky
My sneezes are the loudest
I don't drive, nor can I drive
I can't do maths without a calculator
I procrastinate, all the time
Sometimes I pretend I know what your on about, but I don't
I swear and cuss, always
I wake up every morning at 557 and go back to sleep til 630
I only wear make-up when I go out
I scream at the tiniest spiders
and I'm stubborn in an argument

I am imperfect. And that's ok, I like myself all the same.

Today is International Women's Day!

Celebrate what it means for you to be a women, whether it be to have children, to dominate the men in the world or to have fun with your best girlfriends! Celebrate women having the right to vote and be heard.

It's our day!

Who run the world?!! GIRLS!

Lili X

Mum, Stella & I

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