April 25, 2012

ANZAC ❤ Review ❤ Gemma, Mes & Jordyn

Today is ANZAC day!
Least we forget' all the brave and strong soldiers of NZ and Australia.

I don't personally know or have ever known anyone that fought in a war but that doesn't say that I don't care and thank them for what they did for us.
I do however, know of a few people who have been to Gallipoli and it is a place I'd love to visit sometime in my lifetime.

Did you go to the dawn service?

I didn't go this year, but I have been to a few and I would highly recommend it. It's a fabulous experience and I shed a tear each time I've gone.

The last few days and days to come are about to get very busy! 

Last night I went to my friends house, Gemma. I've probably only known her maybe 2 years all up. She is one of the kindest people I know.   Her husband, Mes, and her both attend Destiny Church and they have a beautiful baby girl, Jordyn. Jordyn is 6 months old and totally gorgeous!!
 I love her SO much and would do anything for her! 

And she knows it ;)

Gem and Mes have been married for 3 years and I adore their marriage! They are so happy and inlove and share so many things in common and the things they don't have in common make it an even more amazing relationship to watch.   I would give a lot to have what she has.

So last night I took a bracelet around for Jordyn that I had engraved with..
"Grow strong, Have faith, Be beautiful"
I want her to remember me when I'm gone so I'm hoping, and praying this will do the trick :)

Tonight we are going to Gemma's for dinner to have Mes' mussells.  I absolutely LOVE seafood and VERY much look forward to this massive feast! I will post a picture for you later.

Gemma also bought the "Maybelline Pulse Perfection" mascara, which is the mascara by Maybelline. She tested it last night and the difference was incredible so tonight I will take some photos and do a blog based on my FIRST real review :)

 Enjoy you ANZAC day off work and school and I will see you tonight.

Lili x

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