April 23, 2012

Before & After ❤ Chit Chat ❤ Tattoo

So as many of you know...

I leave in 6 days! What the F^&K?! 

And since my very kind friend Elle, you've all met this one before, has pressured me into start writing again... I am doing a before and after AND chit chat blog for ya'll :)

In the last weekend, very sloppy weekend. I got very intoxicated! Thursday I got a new tattoo!!!

It says "I move the stars for no-one" in Italian. Yes it did hurt and yes I LOVE IT!

 I went out with Lucie, Jonsy and Kalya on Thurs night. 

It got rough. Very rough. I was sick, very sick! Sent some txts I regretted sending, drunk too much - I regretted drinking - but hey! It was my last weekend. 

Saturday my amazing mother, you've also met her :) Arranged, with the help of my Jonsy, a surprise leaving party for me! She did SO well and it was a lot of fun. My adorable cousin Lauren came down and we danced and drank all night. 

So as you can imagine, yesterday was VERY quiet. Lauren managed to get me out of the house for a lovely lunch at Ambrosia in town - by the lake - followed by a small catch up with a friend then back home to die in bed.

Today I have done absolutley nothing, I spoke to Elle on skype and she gave me a few chores. 
1. Wash my hair - VERY dirty
2. Do my washing
and lastly 3. Write a blog.

Job 1 is complete and comes with a before and after pic ....

Step 2 - doesn't cos that would be stupid ;)

and Voila! Step 3 done!

Have a fab day and behave!!!

Love Lili x


  1. Your welcome for the job list and thanks for doing it lol I fell much better and im sure you do too. Love you :) xx

  2. Love you too sweet pea :D xx Thanks for making my life BETTER! xx


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