April 26, 2012

Do You Believe Magic??? ❤

Do you believe in the magic surrounding you? 

Remember for just a moment, when you believed that the tooth fairy was real.
     When you woke up in the morning with that tooth under your pillow, the feeling that a tiny little fairy snuck under your pillow when you were sound asleep and replaced it with money.

When you woke up on christmas day, knowing the only way your stocking could possibly be full was because Santa came down your chimney and gave you loads of amazing gifts.

Don't think about the responsibilities you have today, the jobs and chores you need done, the money you need to have in you account and the weight you need to lose.   For one moment today, think about magic.

   About the magic that's in your life, whether it be in your marriage, your kids, your family...

Your Heart!

Be thankful for the magic. Be grateful for what the magic brings into your life. Be a kid, for 1 moment. And try hold that feeling for the day :)

Lili x

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