April 28, 2012

The Day Before ❤

✿ The day before I go! ✿

WOW.. This is surreal! It came out of nowhere!

Watched Stella (little sister) play netball today. Her team is full of year 4 children, super cute.
   So excited to get on the court and play. Stella is absolutely gorgeous! She loves netball and tries SO hard to get in the game and do her BEST!  They had an incredible game and only lost 3-2! So proud of her!!

Then my family and I went to subway got some lunch - Always delish!!
Got some dvds, great old school dvds! 

"Witches" - A Roald Dahl classic story

"Matilda" - Another Roald Dahl classic

and "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"

So tonight my sisters and I will be pigging out and watching old movies till we fall fast asleep! 
Then UP early to drive to Auckland! Ahhhhh super scary guys!!! 

Pig out! 

 Lili x

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