April 27, 2012

My Special Day ❤

Today was a great day!!!

First I had lunch with Gemma and Jordyn, my baby. Again she is the most adorable little angel!!! They gave me the most gorgeous, precious present! One of the nicest people I have ever met...

Then Magaritas with Mama! So lovely at this cute place in Rotorua called "The Mexican" highly recommend! It's the cutest little place, they have ornaments all over the walls and crosses and sombreros  all over the place!

Finally to end the day off with dinner with my big sis Trina. We're not blood sisters but she has always been there through a lot of drama and baggage - she's been the one who stuck :)
We went to Lonestar where we use to go a lot! Delish!!!!!!

Anyway such a huge day, I am totally shattered and drained from these crazy emotions- good and bad!

Dream sweetly,
Lili x


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